On behalf of myself and my bandmates, first off, welcome to the community!

We're delighted you'd like to join us! 

There's just a little bit more information we need to gather before we can officially make you one of us ( Don't worry, no crazy rituals involved...at least in this part ;-) ) 

We want to make sure the emails we're sending you are as closely alligned to what you would like as possible so we're asking for a little more information than just you're name and email address. 

We're asking for your zipcode (because if you're in Southern California you don't need to know about a show in Alaska!) 

And we're asking you to select a level of involvement that suits you best, from just the basics (Show information for performances near you and album release ONLY)

To a monthly newsletter

To up to date emails letting you know what we're doing online and off as we're doing it. 

Whatever level is right for you is perfect for us. 

Thank you again for joining this digital pack of Feral Folk. We're delighted to have you on. 

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Adds suck! Am I right!?! But sometimes emails get burried and social media's algorhthms are always pushing out the little guys like us. So if you want to make DOUBLE sure you're catching all we're putting down, we're giving you the option to select Customized Online Ads as well as these emails.

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